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Puerto Bass Reflex.

Tweeter Trasformer Heil Air Motion.

Mid bass and mid high ceramic drive Accuton

2 woofer Scan Speak series Revelator 26 cm

Preparado para quadriamplificación.

Pareja de cajas.

Acabados en Rosewood, Walnut, Ebony, Cherry, Oak and black piano lacquer.


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Technical Data

The crossover, hidden , artisan , simple sometimes trivial ….
Because he was born on the drivers chosen and these are chosen for the type of cross.
The cross as an active component of the sound and not as a divider or speaker protection .
Talking about technology research and design for a first-order crossover may seem like too much.

But give a first order 6Db per octave , a system that has always been preferred in our cross , a sound and a character in a speaker that uses drivers ” complicated ” required research ,time and passion .
The electric pulsed heart of the system sits between the ” command” amplifier and the ” performers ” or ” drivers” of movement that creates the sound through their membranes .

Phase , impedance curves , frequency response , are analyzed and choice working of sound and of analysis and at the same time , thanks to the analysis system created at the beginning of Extreme Audio and always saw that discoveries of what is sound from what is annoyance .

The passion and the search for the ” best ” of ‘ ” emotion ” saw give importance to the most different types of crossover components from the best paper oil of the highest quality to Polypropylene of last generation or very low loss inductors , each compatible and synergistic with a project , to a sound.

Everything transmitted to drivers from the cables , the ” arteries ” of the beating heart that give the right timing . So these are White Gold Cable Prestige M .

Prepared for bi- tri and quadri wiring.

The choice of the drivers used in the Titan is driven by the search for synergy and harmony between loud sounds, high sensitivity and natural harmonics decays with the goal of getting the time of “sound issuing”
and times of “silence” harmonious and natural but coherent, of low frequencies up to the most slender of the higher tones.

The tw AMT or better known as Tw Heil by its creator Dr. Oscar Heil is recognized as one of the best drivers for the high frequencies of all time. The increased speed with which issues, creates the sound and the speed with which returns are unattainable in the silence and give a sense of cleanliness and naturalness to the sound and its harmonic textures.

The emission bipolar paralyzed increases the feeling of three-dimensionality and the air between the sounds as if we had before us the music and its performers. Distortions to the limits of the measurement systems.

the two ultra-light midrange Accuton of new technology ultra-powerful magnets work in symbiosis and synergy with the tw Heil to issue a mid range of special extremely rich in details and nuances in a coherent ways of the tweeter that is in a dedicated cabinet that releases overtones and reverberations of range media through the millings and slits in “S” in the back of the cabinet that are joined to the sounds emitted from the back of the AMT to form three-dimensionality and depth of the soundstage.
The 2 woofers 10 ” handcrafted Scan Speak Revelator series of last generation are tuned bass reflex cabinet in particular to tune and harmonize low and very low frequencies up to and beyond the limits of hearing where only our physical senses musical vibrations.

The design of our cabinets has been fully developed in-house. The curvaceos shape is not only a stylistic choice but rather help in distributing the energy emitted by the drivers as well as assist in breaking undesired resonances.
Multistranded wood veneers and high density MDF, all with different widths, have been pressed together by our skilled craftsmen in ordfer to help absorbing undesired vibrations and cancel resonances.
All cabinets have been entirely made in Italy by skilled artisans and have been laquered and polished by hand.

Speaker Type: 4-way bass-reflex with Tweeter Transformer Heil Air Motion

  • n. 2 woofer Scan Speak series Revelator 26 cm
  • mid bass e mid high ceramic drive Accuton
  • Sensitivity: 94 db.
  • Impedance: 6 ohm
  • Max power: 200 watt.
  • Power amplifier: from 30 watt to 200 watt.
  • Frequency response 25–40000 Hz +- 3 db
  • Internal cables White Gold
  • Connection for quadri wiring and quadri amplifiers
  • Measure: cm. 45x66x162
  • Weight Kg 130 each