Cable de altavoz a metros.

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SUPER BLUE HDTV Digital/Video cable

JPS Labs offers very high quality wire solutions in our SUPER BLUE line of cables for tomorrows growing demand for quality custom home audio/video theater installations.

Following in our tradition for producing The Worlds Finest Cables, SUPER BLUE allows for tremendous dynamic audio impact coupled with very natural and resolving audio and video. Our cable designs are uniquely optimized for their intended use, making each cable the best they can be in its price class and beyond.

Our finest Super Blue 2 in-wall rated speaker cable!        

By using the finest materials and the latest design technology, our SUPER BLUE cables will consistently allow all of your components in the system to perform at their best. Your choice of cables is critical to really enjoying your finished system, and is instrumental in avoiding possible unforeseen problems along the way. Please ask for JPS Labs fine cable products before your walls are closed for good. The incremental added cost is well worth the peace of mind!


14 gauge UL/CL3 rated...

SUPER BLUE Professional Grade Speaker Cable - Excellent performance for the mo