Cable para dispositivos digitales de referencia

Conectores RCA/BNC => RCA/BNC. Conector RCA CC Carbon by Furutech

Conector XLR => XLR CC Carbon by Furutech

Coaxial RCA/BNC de 75 Ohm

Coaxial XLR de 110 Ohm

1 m

Más detalles

7 260,00 €


Technical Data

Crystal Cable’s new top-range Absolute Dream (interconnects, speaker cable, power cords, with USB/Firewire models coming later in the year) combines four coaxial runs which are twisted at 45°. Two coaxes run pure signal, the other two operate in Crystal Cable’s patented Bridge setup. Pure mono-crystal conductors show up in both the cores and the braided shielding. The pure silver cores are covered by Dupont’s Kapton and Peel dielectrics before two shielding layers (one silver-plated copper, one gold-plated silver) are applied. The final quad braid is covered by a transparent outer sleeve for a unique appearance and terminated with carbon Furutech connectors. Special identification barrels hold laser-engraved serial numbers.

Absolute Dream – Because Music Matters