Longitud: 1.5m

Utiliza el conector profesional Neutrik latching 20 Amperios

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The 2mm² stranded and unplated conductors are finest Japanese 7N copper. Seven nines of purity, or 99.99999%, are sometimes quoted by other manufacturers, but it is important to understand that the very small remaining trace elements in our copper, such as silver, meet very high levels of purity too. This results in an overall conductor purity which is very rarely seen in other cables.

A unique annealing process removes critical external stresses placed on the conductor during manufacture. The conductor is energised to carry current during annealing, promoting a large crystal structure, optimising it for ultra high fidelity transmission.

The physical geometry of the cable is very important in defining sound quality. Each conductor that carries current generates a magnetic field too. This field will induce a current in an adjacent conductor. This is an immutable law of physics. Any regular power cable will have conductors carrying current in three states: Live in one direction, Neutral in the reverse and the Earth which will normally be static. The manner in which they all interact magnetically, and thus electrically, is very complex and is defined by the cables overall geometry. The IsoLink Reference’s geometry is optimised to carry power with the best transfer characteristic possible.

The influence of the conductor insulators should not be underestimated. The insulators have considerable influence over the field the conductor generates whilst carrying current, through dielectric absorption. This in turn modifies the transmission characteristics of the cable, often adversely. The primary conductor insulation in the IsoLink Reference is a variant of polyolefin. It has a dielectric constant that is 75% less than conventional PVC. The polymer is loaded with magnetically neutral tungsten powder to ensure superior mechanical damping properties without influencing power transmission.

A copper foil shield screens the inner cable assembly from external electromagnetic interference. A conductive insert works in tandem with the shield, reducing absorbed radio energy in the hotspot microwave data communications region.

Completing the cable body is a high stability, neoprene and air elastomer wrap, which further lowers the IsoLink Reference’s incredibly low mechanical noise floor. A tough synthetic braided wrap protects the hand crafted cable from the physical wear and tear of everyday use.

Connectors are by Oyaide of Japan (excepting UK13A and Neutrik variants). Using a minimum quantity of rohdium plated metal, we have yet to find a sonically superior connector that retains its reliability and quality of mating contact over time.