Cable con filtro incorporado estándar

Longitud: 2m

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375,00 €


In-Line Single Component Mains Filter And Conditioning Unit. 2M Lead Using technology found in the Substation, the MainLine is an extremely high quality mains lead utilising IsoLink 'OFC' cable and incorporating Isol-8's advanced filtering module, which utilises up to 28 individual components and is designed to remove most sources of mains borne or generated noise without sacrificing a system's dynamics. The filter itself features a custom-made high current inductor for common mode wide band noise removal, together with a series of VDRs and other mains transient suppression devices in a delta format across all three lines to eliminate voltage spikes that could otherwise damage expensive equipment. The Isol-8 MainLine offers a very cost effective, high quality mains supply to individual components, and is available in three configurations. The standard version can be used with all components including amplifiers; the digital version has further filtering specifically designed for use with CD players and Digital AV processors; the Video version is ideal for use with DVD players, plasma screens and many projectors. A 2m cable is supplied as standard with other cable lengths available to order.