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Cable de red eléctrica High-End.

Conector Schuko europeo.

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Technical Data

This highest quality OCC power cable can be terminated with NEMA standard plugs. 

  • 3X12 AWG OCC (Ohno continous cast) copper conductors for lowest resistance over distance
  • Three separate conductors with TPE (Teflon®) dielectric (Red, Green, Black)
  • Double shielded for optimal field coupled noise rejection
  • Foil shield for UHF
  • Braided shield for noise rejection of lower frequencies
  • 110-220V 20 amp
  • CL/3 and FT/4 rated for conformity to international fire regulations
  • Precision twisted for optimal noise rejection
  • Additional shield can be terminated to facilitate star grounding circuits

About Ohno continuous cast copper (O.C.C.): It should be noted that Professor Atsumi Ohno began the study of the solidification of metals in the mid 1960's, and published his landmark book, "Solidification; The Separation Theory and its Practical Applications", in 1984. In this book, Ohno describes his many theories and concepts regarding the processing and solidification of molten metals, and the resulting crystal structures. He goes on to describe his unique process for casting metals with virtually no crystal structure, the O.C.C. process. This concept was first conceived of in 1978, and utilizes heated molds in a continuous casting process. Eventually, international patents were granted for O.C.C. (Ohno Continuous Casting). Ohno cast copper’s advantage over even the highest purity OFC copper is that a single crystal structure can be up to 700 long as opposed to the ultra high purity copper which can have thousands of crystal boundaries in lengths commonly used in audio. The absence of these boundaries leads to a much improved musical presentation.