Cable de interconexión digital.

1 m. 

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699,00 €


Technical Data

Time passes and high-end loudspeakers and electronics evolve with increased resolution and a more 'even' sound. The availability of cables with improved resolution allowed others to better tune by listening, even a glimpse of what it could sound like is enough to progress well beyond the present, and so it goes around…The new Superconductor V Cables allow for the most sophisticated reproduction of any musical or sonic event, bridging the gap between quality amplified sound and your ears.To arrive in this singular place has taken over two decades of research, revealing itself on the exterior as only a cable while dominating careers in creating materials and designs unique to one. This is Our Path, This is Who We Are, This is JPS Labs.

New micro insulated quad Alumiloy conductors in a very flexible noise rejecting shielded design offers all resolutions of digital audio beyond DSD sampling rates with excellent clarity.  As with analog interconnects, excellent low level details and a highly refined sound are included in the price.