Cable de interconexión digital AES/EBU.

1 m. 

Conector XLR.

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399,00 €


Technical Data

The Superconductor Q reveals a tremendous amount of subtle detail throughout the audible range. Similar to the analogy of cleaning a dirty window to better reveal what’s on the other side, these cables allow for a stunning level of clarity and balance to music. This dramatic improvement in full spectrum resolution makes recorded music more listenable as the system itself simply exemplifies the source rather than shifting tonality in unpredictable ways throughout the amplified system chain.

Quad Alumiloy conductors are at the core of this very popular version of Superconductor. Fully balanced throughout for excellent RFI and EMI noise rejection and consistent noise-free operation. Quality gold plated XLR's hand- soldered and assembled using select materials. Just as with the RCA version, Q Balanced offers very good low level detail, proper sense of space, excellent separation of instruments, quiet backgrounds, and consistent satisfaction even in the most demanding systems. Superconductor Q offers music and harmonic details in a way most have never heard. Excellent in long lengths! A great cable for any good components. Made in the USA