Cable de interconexión RCA.

1 m.

Pareja de cables.

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499,00 €


Technical Data

The JPS Labs cables are unique in a number of ways, and the most noteworthy of these is the conductor itself: not silver, not copper (although it factors into the mix) but rather aluminum coated heavily with high-purity copper. This conductor cocktail is then shielded fully by a high-purity corrugated copper tube, which functions as the return leg. Around all of this is a black vinyl casing of unknown properties--and thus, refreshingly, no audiophile claims will be made for it.

The conductor is approximately 14 gauge, and the same wire is used for both the interconnects and speaker cables, the latter of which uses two twisted runs. The digital cable has the same geometry, but it employs a smaller conductor, approximately 18 gauge. So when you wire up with JPS Labs Superconductor cables, you're really using the same wire throughout your system.

JPS Labs cables use high-quality peripheral parts, like locking WBT-style RCAs and heavy gold-plated spades (which were especially welcome because they fit easily over the thicker-than-normal binding posts on the Clayton Audio M-70 monoblocks). Taken as a set and viewed with aesthetics and value in mind, the JPS Labs cables are top-shelf--well constructed (much better than some cables with more recognizable names), burned in before shipment, and packaged in silvery NASA-approved (at least I think they'd approve) anti-static bags that purportedly lock in freshness, electrically speaking.