Cable de red eléctrica.

2 m.

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250,00 €


Technical Data

If you have never tried changing your power cords on your equipment, if an aftermarket cord just did not seem to make that big of a difference in the past, or if you want to greatly improve upon your existing equipment instead of buying new, then the GPA 2 is for you.

The GPA 2 is a lower cost, high quality AC cord designed by JPS as an easy upgrade for any component which will accept a detachable cord.

The GPA 2's size allows it to work very well with amplifiers of practically any size, while its inherent design will reduce background noise and increase resolution, bringing out greater life-like qualities in music and video on any quality component..

Hospital grade molded custom 24kt heavy gold plating copper alloy US wall plug and Wattgate IEC, all combined in an AC cord made of combined materials only JPS could specify, means only one thing; one of the finest lower cost aftermarket cords available.

Our GPA 2 AC cord attached to a quality quad outlet center. Great way to make 4 outlets from one, or extend a good outlet closer to components.