Cable de red eléctrica especial para electrónicas con alta demanda de corriente.

2 m.

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Technical Data

THE POWER AC + is a large but flexible AC cord made specifically for the high power demands of any amplifier or to deliver unhampered AC power to the entire system when used with line conditioners, power regenerators, or stations (although we are told it works quite well on tube pre amps). It is easily one of the largest cords available, and along with it's high power capability comes what we call our 'Optimized Field Matrix' (O.F.M.) design.

Our OFM design increases the cords effectiveness in carrying the instantaneous current demanded by any size amp or load in response to the music. This allows for maximum subtle detail and negligible current limits, allowing your components to finally breathe.

THE POWER AC+ will allow your amp to do its work way down LOW, bringing out an articulated low frequency bass response from your system, while opening a window to all the small, delicate, lifelike nuances of the mid's and highs, all in a well balanced, natural way. Like many JPS products, it's a benchmark of AC cords enjoyed by so many in many parts of the world for many years.

Custom heavy duty AC plug and Wattgate IEC plug at the equipment end top off today's POWER AC + as one of the most popular of AC cords, with its origins as the original Power AC going back long before other cord makers were even in business. Our cable experience and universal praise in so many different systems puts JPS on the top of most any manufacture's short list of the best cables to use if all you want is true to the source music, rhythm, and soul. 

THE POWER AC + will dramatically increase bass depth and define the bass in a way others cannot, while opening up the mid's and highs to an effortless presentation. Remove the restrictions other AC cords impose on your amplifier by the simple addition of this one very important cord. If you feel your system has room for improvement and you sense it is being limited, try this high power cord on your amp or receiver!