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Technical Data

In order to completely convey and be true to the essence of the original recording and source, the all important cables connecting each component to the next within a given system must ultimately transfer signal WITHOUT filtering, adjusting, or losing information, and WITHOUT adding distortions or noise, all in consideration of the highly variable reactive nature of and between components within their respective environments, with respect to the system as a whole. A daunting design task if the ultimate goal is to closely reproduce the original event with such clarity as to invoke a positive emotional response, linking the objective to the subjective.

As with any excellent design, a progressive, forward-thinking process by one or more who can envision as many possible scenarios and compensate for them in advance is an absolute must to ensure product longevity, maximizing return on investment for all involved. Years in the making, building upon many years of trial and error experimentation combined with extensive listening experience and feedback, leading to a complete understanding of the reactive elements in cable design, and with successful implementation of unique and proprietary concepts with proven and consistently excellent results in differing cultures and environments throughout the world, JPS Labs introduces their latest and finest product line, The Aluminata Series, The World's Absolute Finest Cables TM.

Aluminata is the ultimate expression of what JPS has been preaching and implementing for many years, that nothing sounds anywhere near as good as that with a near perfect shield (and not just any shield). Their award winning Superconductor series of interconnects and speaker cables are real world proof, and over many years have continuously earned praise from emerging audiophiles to experienced reviewers alike.

A typical shield, while at times necessary, has many faults - First, they are usually very thin foil or braid and poor conductors at many frequencies, passing and transferring noise into the conductors beneath to ride with the original signal; Second, they are excellent long antennas for noise, both in receiving it from the air and in radiating it from your already contaminated wall outlet or from noisy components they are connected to into the rest of your system (examples of noise sources are home wiring, transmitters, microwaves, wireless devices, computers, electronics, and all digital player of media...). Third, shields ALL try to dump the noise they pick-up to the ground lead or chassis of the connected equipment, and in the case of an AC cord, also to the earth grounded third prong of your homes electrical ground, ultimately finding its way into other equipment through the other AC cords and cables, adding further contamination as they 'do their job'. This in part explains why a system may sound better with some grounds disconnected, though possibly a dangerous situation as this bypasses a component's electrical safety guards and prevents it from protecting itself in the case of a surge. To sum this mess up, evasive and invisible noise travels freely throughout your high-end system causing reduced system resolution and dramatic loss of performance.

To properly and completely reject noise in all forms without interfering or interacting with the original signal is one of the most difficult tasks at hand, particularly as more and more devices are added to our homes and studios each day containing miniature electronic noise sources which all add up one big problem, less than optimal audio and video reproduction. JPS Lab's President, Joe Skubinski, has over 25 years of real world experience in electrical and RF design engineering and complex system integration, allowing JPS Labs to be one of the most experienced and comprehensive companies in the audiophile community.

Enough bragging... What about this new cable technology...

The Aluminata series boasts the worlds first, patent pending, Particle Aluminum Shield TM (PAS)! Imagine a shield so thick that noise at any frequency or severity cannot possibly pass through it. A shield itself of 3 pounds/1.9 kg in overall weight at a two meter length, but yet as flexible as a snake! JPS takes an ultra-pure aluminum alloy, their specialty, and diamond cuts it into tiny particles sifted through a fine grating to assure consistency to create a shield providing true 100% coverage at all frequencies from the elusive and difficult to reject megahertz (MHz) range well into the gigahertz range (that's many of 1000's of MHz), more effective than ANY other shield. About 0.5 inches (12 mm) thick on the larger speaker and AC power cables (proportionately smaller on the interconnects), PAS is easily the most extensive cable shield ever implemented, and nothing less than you would come to expect from the long-term experts in noise rejection. Yet with all its vibration dampening, noise absorbing mass, this unique JPS shield is not reactive to any power traveling through the wires blanketed underneath. The oversized conductors within the speaker and AC power cables can carry in excess of 60 amps or 14,000 watts continuous, and over 250 amps or 48,000 watts instantaneously current, without audible power loss even with the largest of amplifiers, yet these JPS trademark Particle Aluminum Shield cables with their ultra-high noise immunity allow for the very subtle nuances contained in the lowest milliwatt (that's a few thousandths of a watt) power levels of the music to shine through. Within these very delicate low levels are where the real music resides, where the feel and human side show themselves, and where Aluminata shines like no other cable.

Ok, so we have the worlds FIRST and ONLY Particle Aluminum Shield, what's next...

The shear mass of the particle shield alone proves that JPS has all noise taken care of- Nothing gets through this cable's shield and into the conductors beneath- NOTHING... The Particle Shield on the larger AC and speaker cables is equivalent to a wire size 5/0 (that's five aught or 138 mm2), or a single wire 0.6 inches/13 mm in diameter, and itself can carry a few hundred amps of current no problem! Now that's a shield! The only thing left was to figure out what to do with all the noise it's capable of soaking up so it does not add to overall system noise like ALL other shielded cables...

JPS added an inherent RF sponge for noise absorption along its length, a unique combination of heavy shielding and noise absorption never before realized in the world! This 'perfect shield' not only isolates and contains the noise, but also absorbs it by converting it to another form, keeping it away from the equipment and preventing noise from traveling between components. Another unique trait built into these highly engineered and well thought-out JPS cables. Aluminata keeps your components clean, and allows them to perform to their highest individual potential without interacting with a connecting component! Like taking the best attributes of each of your component choices and allowing them to do what they do best, a perfectly clean interface from one point to the next.

So we have the finest JPS custom high purity conductors and insulations used to create the world's finest and largest cable, protected by the world's finest, first, and only absorptive Particle Aluminum Shield technology capable of dealing with the widest range of noise and in any severity. What's left? Just a bit more high level tweaking and craftsmanship using experienced imagination for that last few tenths of a percent...


Beginning with their existing and very successful power cords, JPS set out to define every single parameter in AC cord technology which can be improved upon even by JPS' already high standards as in the world class Kaptovator AC cord, a long-time benchmark of premium AC cables.

The Aluminata AC Power Cable touts technology in function and design that other power cords cannot approach, and as always builds upon previous JPS designs. They begin with a huge but flexible  8 gauge high-purity JPS alloy conductor, one of the largest conductors known to high-end power cords, all wrapped in a Kapton jacket.  JPS is the first A/V cable manufacturer in the world to utilize this high-tech, very expensive aerospace insulation in a high-end cable design. Combined with JPS alloy conductors, it offers a TOTAL LACK of spectral smearing of highs and lack of midrange glare, with an ability to extend yet define low frequency bass response like no other AC cord. Their unique conductors are then specially assembled by our trademark Optimized Field Matrix (OFM) design parameters, which take into account conductor size, dielectric thickness and constant, potential noise frequencies and amplitude, capacitance, inductance, and many other factors, combined into our proprietary formula to allow for optimum performance with almost any piece in any system or environment, anywhere in the world

Nothing new though for JPS, as their Kaptovator AC Cable already contains these design parameters and then some. Now here is where the new stuff begins after years in the works...

If the Aluminata AC cable was to be a cable to end all, Joe figured he should look into any other deciding factors to improve what these cables can do for audiophiles, videophiles, and professionals alike, in any environment, and so many months went by contemplating the possibilities while this exciting new technology sits on the back burner...

Then one day it hit, what about current reflections in the AC line? While researching such a phenomenon, Joe found that electrical current, analogous to water flow in a pipe, does not appreciate being suddenly stopped and started (as it is with an amplifier and its sudden changes to power requirements). This constant change in current flow, particularly where the homes AC wiring is not as good as it could be, creates reflections- or ripples- all the way back to the breaker panel, impeding the smooth flow of power to the system. So JPS added another world first feature, End of Line (EOL) technology, and incorporated it into this cord as a unique, proprietary element which dissipates reflections within the cord itself, allowing bass to sound like it should, tight and detailed, while clearing the air in the mid's and highs; very similar to upgrading the entire systems cabling, and all accomplished by the addition of this very unique AC cable.

Add the blanket of the Particle Aluminum Shield described above to completely isolate and absorb all forms of noise between the wall outlet and the component for pure clean power and all that remains is a clarity to audio or video resolution that no other component or cable change can possibly offer.

If you are ready for an amazing cable, designed from scratch to fit a particular application, that has since 2003 converted the 'high-end', high-performance, audio industry- Look no further than the JPS Labs Aluminata AC Cable.


Aluminata AC Cable

- Huge 8 AWG/8.36 mm2 custom wound finely stranded copper alloy conductors

- The only AC cable in the world engineered with a Kapton® dielectric (unique characteristics compared to any other cable)

- Given a 15 amp circuit under full load through this cord, a 2 meter long cable only drops 0.06 volts. Max. 14,000 watts continuous, 48,000 watts peak power (240 V)

- Quad anti-resonant design eliminates vibration and room acoustics from transferring to the component

- Particle Aluminum Shield (PAS) is approx. 0.5"/12 mm thick and effectively shields and absorbs environmental and component noise- In our humble opinion, there is no better shield available on any cable on planet Earth.

- Heavy Gold plate Wattgate AC wall plug and IEC connector for maximum long-term connection integrity

- Cable made and assembled in the USA by a highly skilled master technician

- Overall cable weight is 5 lbs/2.2 kg in the standard 2 meter length- flexible and easy to connect