Caja central de 2 vías.

Puerto trasero Bass-Reflex.

Acabados en negro y rosewood.

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Más detalles

575,00 €


True Dynaudio sound quality and high-end's highest value.

The DM series offers authentic Dynaudio sound quality and performance at a most sensational level of value.

The Dynaudio DM models are cost-effective high performance loudspeaker solutions for a wide range of applications:

Multi-channel and home theater loudspeaker systems, custom installations or simply as traditional bookshelf or standmount loudspeakers for hi-fi systems.

The DM models employ core Dynaudio driver technology but with a more cost-effective laminated cabinet available in two furniture-grade finishes.

  • Dynaudio soft dome tweeters
  • Dynaudio MSP woofers
  • Aluminium voice coils
  • Durable cabinet with laminate finish
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • For home theater and stereo

The ideal complement to a DM home theatre setup. Ultra-compact center channel loudspeaker combining ease of integration with a high level of sound quality. 

The DM Center combines compact cabinet proportions with high quality Dynaudio driver technology.Undistorted, clean, and clear reproduction of midrange and high frequencies is especially crucial in a center channel loudspeaker. Therefore, the DM Center is equipped with the renowned Dynaudio coated soft-dome tweeter and two special 4.3 inch (11 cm) MSP mid/bass drivers. The DM Center is the ideal addition to a DM home theatre setup, for example mated to the DM 3/7 floor-standing or DM 2/7 compact loudspeakers in front, and the compact DM 2/6 model as rear speakers.


The DM Center includes an integrated angled metal plinth, so even when the speaker is positioned on a sideboard, shelf or any flat surface below the screen, a slightly upward-radiating sound dispersion is achieved. The plinth is detachable in the event space is limited. The highly-rigid, low-resonance cabinet construction further enhances the advanced sound quality – regardless of placement or position. With high-quality crossover components, a linear constant impedance and 86 dB sensitivity, the DM Center can be mated to a wide range of AV receivers.


To facilitate the most cost effective solution, only two finishes are offered in the Dynaudio DM series: either Rosewood or Black Ash high-quality laminates. While making the cabinet surface of the DM Center extremely robust and durable, the furniture-grade quality of the laminate provides an elegant, wood-like finish.

Altavoz central. Sensibilidad: 86 dB. Impedancia: 4 Ohms. Potencia recomendada de 20 - 150W. Rango de Frecuencia: 60Hz-23 Khz. Bass Reflex. Dimensiones: 500x130x210 mm (An x Al x P). Peso neto: 7 Kg. Acabados: Negro, Rosewood