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Acabados en walnut, rosewood, negro, negro brillante lacado, blanco brillante lacado.



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Hear every musical detail

All musical details, each diminutive note, every fine sound – with the Focus series you can experience high end audio on a higher level.

The Focus sounds open and transparent, finely detailed, dynamic and more precise than ever before. While always maintaining the refined natural balance and homogenous sound quality for which Dynaudio is so renowned.

Dynaudio’s over 35 years of experience in loudspeaker design and engineering are reflected in the Focus range. The company’s exclusive midrange drivers and woofers with their distinctive MSP (Magnesium-Silicate-Polymer) cone diaphragms and ultra-lightweight aluminum voice coils, as well as the renowned soft dome tweeters with their specially coated domes were prominent innovations featured in the very first Dynaudio loudspeakers.

A new Dynaudio driver unit generation was introduced in the second generation Focus models: Soft dome tweeters featuring the new, improved Precision Coating; midrange and woofers with newly developed voice coil assemblies and black Kapton voice coil formers; synergistically united via further-refined crossover designs and housed in an improved cabinet construction. Each model is ennobled with one of four furniture-grade real wood veneer or two gloss-piano lacquer finishes.

  • Esotec+ driver technology
  • Precision Coating soft dome tweeters
  • Aluminium voice coils
  • Black Kapton voice coil formers
  • Extra strong magnets
  • 5 models suiting any room size

Focus 380

A most impressive loudspeaker representing the flagship of the Focus range.


  • Coated 28 mm Esotar² soft dome tweeter with Precision Coating for natural, clean and clear highs
  • Dedicated 15 cm MSP midrange driver with 38 mm aluminum voice coil for improved resolution and accuracy
  • Two 20 cm MSP mid/woofers each with 75 mm aluminum voice coil for deep, precise bass down to 30 Hz
  • Die-cast Aluminum baskets for increased rigidity and lower resonance
  • Aluminum wire voice coil on new black Kapton® coil former for increased power handling
  • Phase-optimised crossover design for perfect phase coherence
  • Highest quality crossover components for absolute sound neutrality

Two extra-large 20 cm woofers featuring ultra-rigid die-cast aluminum baskets operate in tandem in a large cabinet volume to guarantee the utmost deep bass extension and low frequency performance.


Especially in larger rooms, a precise balance between high, mid and low frequency ranges is imperative – and the Focus 380 is ideally suited for this task. The mid/woofer and woofer cones utilize the proprietary MSP material in order to achieve a seamless sonic integration, while Dynaudio’s finest soft dome tweeter design is employed to reproduce the high frequencies: The Esotar².


The overall musical performance is stunning: The Focus 380 is rich in detail, high in resolution but smooth in the high frequencies; open and precise in the midrange, and powerful and absolutely rock-solid in the bass and low bass registers: a loudspeaker for every room and any style of music.


The Focus 380 is available in a choice of four real-wood veneer finishes: Maple, Walnut, Rosewood and Black Ash, as well as in White piano and Black piano gloss lacquer finishes.