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Puerto trasero Bass-Reflex.

Acabados en moca, burdeos, rosewood, negro y negro brillante lacado. 

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A most refined sound

The Confidence series has been one of the most successful and most acclaimed high-end loudspeaker ranges in the world for nearly two decades. Even the very first Confidence generation of the 1990’s established a benchmark in the authentic reproduction of music.

This latest Confidence Platinum series features Dynaudio’s innovative DDC technology, the legendary Esotar2 tweeter with Precision Coating, select crossover components, and expertly built and elegantly finished cabinets, making it the finest sounding and most distinguished Confidence range yet.


The new Confidence Platinum models have been further refined and incorporate select high-performance drive units and the finest hand-crafted cabinet finishes. Each model features Dynaudio’s outstanding Esotar2 tweeter. In its latest version, the Esotar2 is further optimized via Dynaudio’s Precision Coating, improving the exceptionally smooth high frequency response and ensuring the authentic reproduction of all fine musical details. 

The Confidence woofers are also Dynaudio’s finest, incorporating a symmetrical double magnet system, extremely light non-magnetic Kapton voice coil formers and the company’s own MSP cone material. A cross-over filter network with select components and high-quality internal wiring are the finishing touches on the Confidence’s technological design.

  • DDC technology
  • Esotar2 with Precision Coating
  • Aluminium wire voice coils
  • Kapton voice coil formers
  • Sound optimized front baffle
  • Finished with Piano Lacquer

C1 Platinum

The Confidence C1 Platinum delivers a level of musical performance and refinement that is unequalled by any other loudspeaker in its class. The distinctive slim cabinet incorporates the advanced Esotar2 tweeter, a high performance mid/bass driver with an aluminium voice coil and Kapton former, mated to a highest-quality 1st order crossover. 


  • Esotar² tweeters with Precision Coating for refined, detailed highs.
  • Aluminium / Kapton voice coils for accurate, authentic bass and midrange.
  • Acoustically shaped front baffle for ideal sound dispersion.
  • DDC technology reduces room reflections by 75%.
  • Exceptional cabinet finish with select real wood veneers and piano lacquer.

Dynaudio has a long tradition with exceptional high-end compact monitors. The legendary Contour 1.3 SE, the Crafft, and the Confidence 3 were each milestones in their field and became true classics. The Confidence C1 Platinum continues this legacy of excellence. 

The Esotar2 tweeter with Precision Coating, Neodymium double magnet and absorbing rear chamber provides the perfect platform for the higher frequencies, while the high performance woofer with its MSP cone, lightweight aluminium wire voice coil and Kapton former is also one of Dynaudio’s best. The 1st order cross-over filter consists of select components and follows a special design achieving a sound radiation with a slightly upwards directivity.  The C1 Platinum delivers excellent imaging and sound staging, while boundary reflections from the floor will be considerably less than with conventional monitor designs. 

The C1 Platinum can be combined with the Dynaudio Stand 6 for the highest level of synergy in both performance and design elegance. The Stand 6 is made from aluminium and features a multi-layer plinth to provide the best possible foundation for a compact speaker. 

The Confidence C1 allows the same smooth tonal balance, reproduction of the finest details and the homogeneity of the larger Confidence models from a fascinating compact monitor loudspeaker design. 

As a further refinement the Confidence Platinum models are available in the select finishes established with the Evidence Platinum:


Mocca - Bird’s Eye Maple real wood veneer stained in dark brown, finished with clear piano lacquer.


Bordeaux – Bird’s Eye Maple real wood veneer stained in dark red, finished with clear piano lacquer.


Rosewood – Rosewood veneer stained in a glowing dark red, finished with clear piano lacquer.


Piano Black – Deep black piano lacquer


The Confidence C1 Platinum can be combined with the Dynaudio Stand6 and the matching C1 Adapter Plate for an optimal synergy of performance and design. 

Altavoz de soporte. Sensibilidad: 85 dB. Impedancia: 4 Ohms. Potencia recomendada de 20 - 170W. Rango de Frecuencia: 45Hz- 22 Khz. Bass Reflex. Dimensiones: 200x445x430 mm (An x Al x P). Peso neto: 10,9 Kg/unidad. Acabados: Moca,Burdeos, Rosewood, Negro, Negro brillante lacado.