Filtro de corriente para fuentes máximo 6A

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Number of available outlets: 4 on LC and Axis
2 on HC
Type of outlets available: 13A UK, Schuko, 15A US
Power Input: Neutrik 20A powerCON (cable not supplied)
Dimensions: W: 232mm
H: 135mm
D: 420mm (excluding connectors)
Weight:   4.8 Kg (Axis)
  5.8 Kg (LC)
10.9 Kg (HC)
Construction: Aluminium chassis with Silver finish
Aluminium alloy panels (Black optional).
Mains Voltage: 230VAC version for 220-240VAC
117VAC version for 100-127VAC
Maximum continuous Current:

8 Amps RMS for LC
16Amps RMS for HC and Axis

Protection: Rear panel circuit breaker